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Here’s some positive words and motivation to all the premeds out there! Have a good weekend y’all.


Chvostek’s Sign and Trousseau’s Sign  (by NEJMvideo)

Video1: Chvostek’s sign is the twitching of the facial muscles in response to tapping over the area of the facial nerve.

Video 2: Trousseau’s sign is carpopedal spasm caused by inflating the blood-pressure cuff to a level above systolic pressure for 3 minutes.

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Every Time I Try To Be Proactive »

Why the Anti-HIV Pill Isn't a Good Idea for Everyone - YouTube

Despite new federal guidelines urging gay men and others to take a daily pill to prevent AIDS, the idea may prove a tough sell to many doctors and patients.

Last minute studying for my verbal reasoning and packing at the same time (moving back to Los Angeles). Can’t wait for summer to be over.

Morning my fellow pre-meds!

I know our pre-med lives can very stressful and we almost make anytime to give ourselves some R&R. One of the best tips that I was given recently is to do some yoga to calm my mind and increase focus- especially for my upcoming MCAT exam.

So, if you can spare 10 minutes of your time today I recommend that you do “Yoga when studying for Exams”.


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